The Ephemerel Compendium

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Alexis Sims By AlexisSims Updated 3 years ago
This is a compendium of mixed short stories, I have tried to incorporate a number of different genres so there should be something for everyone.   Step into the Ephemerel and you will get a chocolate box assortment of sweet treats. I trust you will enjoy.
AHHH!!  YIKES!  Wow, this was really well written, and I MEAN IT!  No, no, don't doubt this comment, I really love how you set it up and the names you've used, wow---you're really creative - got my vote!  It's also my first detective book I've read here, so, it was a lovely welcome into the genre!
I love this! Lovely fairy tales that must come from a great imagination. You will be a great children's writer
an interesting little fable with a moral to be careful what we wish  for.  enjoyable read. ~))K