YouTube Sensation (A Larry Stylinson Fan Fic)

YouTube Sensation (A Larry Stylinson Fan Fic)

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Harry’s life revolves around YouTube. Whether he’s watching a classic gaming video, a music video, a comedy sketch, or Louis Tomlinson.

One of his favorite YouTubers.

Otherwise known as: SuperLou

That was his username and Harry practically melted at his intro when he would pop out at a random corner of the camera and shout, ‘Hey guys! Super Lou here!’

He was Harry’s absolute favorite YouTuber.

Louis did a lot on YouTube. He did a majority of videos like, normal v-logs, just talking, or comedy. He was a very funny person and also very popular on the YouTube system.

He recently reached a million subscribers and even did a celebration video for it.

What happens when Harry goes to a Meet & Greet for a YouTube convention?

Will he be what Harry was expecting? More? Less?

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1dskiwi 1dskiwi Feb 09
God its my 3rd time reading this and i still get excited 😁😁😁
OfficiallyAssButt OfficiallyAssButt Nov 30, 2017
Less is not in my vocabulary for words that describe Louis 
                              Sorry Bi  ¯\_(ツ )_/¯
Smolbean91 Smolbean91 Jan 03
Why I am imagining him doing something like that?? YouTube Lou!
I’m 100% I’m not the only one who went to YouTube to see if this account actually exists
curvylouiswt curvylouiswt Oct 21, 2017
a million? that’s cute 😂 imma pretend he has like 10 million or something
BellarkeStylinson9 BellarkeStylinson9 Oct 24, 2017
                              Queen Halo
                              Ryan Minajj
                              Gary & Almeda
                              I Like Your Skirt May
                              The Gabbie Show
                              Dan & Phil
                              Shane Dawson
                              Connor Franta
                              Tyler Oakley
                              Joesphy Sugg
                              Casper Lee
                              Matthew Lush
                              Joey Graceffa
                              Ricky Dillon
                              I Think Thats About It 💜