Home for...Christmas

Home for...Christmas

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Island Royalty 👑😘 By dontworry2471 Completed

"Because I know this isn't going to last Park. It never does." 

I open the door and leave him there. 

"Why do you always do this! You run away like you're scare of something! What are afraid of!" 

I stop walking and turn back to him. 

"You! Okay...I'm afraid of loving you. You know you broke me, ruined me! Ever since you, I've haven't been with anyone else like you. No one could compare to you, that what scares me. I was so depressed when you pushed me out of your life." 
Samantha Miller wasn't planning on coming home for Christmas.

After years of pushing away her family, she decides that a little visit couldn't do any harm. 

Her plans for trying to have a nice Christmas heads in all different directions when a Parker Moore intervene on her coming home party. 

The holiday season brings the dysfunctional family through the good and the bad and Samantha will be left answering a question that will change her life forever. 

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