Missing You ~ Sirius Black

Missing You ~ Sirius Black

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Sequel to Together In Azkaban. Book 2 in The Prophecy Chronicles ***

Jordyn Lewis - It's been seven months since I left my hideout at Hogwarts to search for the un known prophecy, and I haven't had much luck. I always seem to have a certain man in mind that keeps me from concentrating correctly. The question is, will I ever be able to find the prophecy that could change the world? Or will I just get caught and end up in Azkaban… again. 

Sirius Black - It's been seven months since I found that tear covered note in the shrieking shack. From that day forward on the inside I've been in a state of depression. After Pettigrew got away I've been forced to keep switching hideouts every other week. It's just horrid. It seems like every day without Lou makes it worse. I keep worrying about if she'll ever come back or if she will get caught. I don't care about myself, I just care about her.

    Reader_who_writes Reader_who_writes Mar 22, 2015
    For a second there, I was like 'Who the f is Lucy!?' Then I realised it was Lucius :'D :{D
    CascadingThief CascadingThief Mar 21, 2015
    Yes! You go get her Sirius! I'm serious! ... lol, pun intended
    Icybear Icybear May 10, 2012
    :O you MUST upload!by the power invested in me ( super mega bucket loads) I order you to!;)
    MeganLuvsU MeganLuvsU May 09, 2012
    @lunardragon  yeah I know. But don't worry it's all going to be happy soon… sorta.