promise ( H2ovanoss Mpreg ) ( Slow Updates )

promise ( H2ovanoss Mpreg ) ( Slow Updates )

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( bottom delirious top vanoss! )

 Delirious ( Jonathan ) was forced to live with his ex boyfriend for nearly a year which abused him beaten him and raped him as well till delirious had the guts to finally leave the house away from his ex Oliver he from him at a hotel but is left broke and lonely without his friends

Vanoss ( Evan ) just broke up with his cheating girlfriend Sydney who is pregnant with another man's child and was kicked out of his house leaving vanoss heart broken and sad but his friends were there to comfort him

Vanoss later finds delirious while he was having a little walk around town making both him and delirious happy to see each other again vanoss let's delirious stay with him in his house to keep him safe

But what if vanoss finds out that he has feelings for delirious?

And delirious has feelings for vanoss? And starts to fall in love with each other? 

Well your gonna have to read to find out

Warning ⚠ will involve 
Self harm

please check out my other books~ mystery girl

Also this will involve other ships other than h2ovanoss :3

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