Runner (boyxboy werewolf)

Runner (boyxboy werewolf)

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blake was running all his life with the only family hes ever known. with powers he has to cope with. he stumbles into a pack and finds his mate. he knows everything will finally be complete but what happens when his mate doesnt want him

I don't know alright just read it it will be awestastic I swear it please?????? 

(might be some sexual stuff later in the book happy reading)

  • boyxboy
  • powers
  • romance
  • supernatural
  • werewolf
She isn't really a good pack member...kinda a bitch, if you ask me
That would be me. Plus turning around saying okay I'm going to go over there. Then try to walk away slowly.
jaianaburditte jaianaburditte 4 days ago
Who the hell you think you talking to don't make me come in this damn story and beat you ass
Actually, wolves can run for a long time, tiring their prey so eventually they slow down and become weak.
robinhartley771 robinhartley771 Oct 27, 2016
Have not even met. 
                              They have trouble. In paradise. 
bringer-of-darkness bringer-of-darkness May 14, 2016
*casually sharpens knife*
                              Don't worry. I'm only going to castrate you, not kill you.
                              For now at least.