Is She The One?✔

Is She The One?✔

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The_DreaM_catCheR By SafiaEfy Completed

"How come you always choose him over me?" 

"Because he gave me you." She smiled.

And for once again, he fell head over heels for her!!!


Amaaya Merlynn had been the first and last to stand by her bestie, Farhan, despite the fact that he was always wrong. She knew something was not right with him as he kept on fooling others shading his wounds by the cool, flirtareous, charming side of him. Farhan burried his unending problems within himself that he rather went for solving others. 

Amaaya found it too late that her bestie was nothing but a package of surprises. Once she could sense his regret on tearing relation with his best man Ishaan, she came up with an idea of patching them up!

Only if she knew that she was getting into a roller coaster ride after it..


What could be the reason Farhan parted ways with his best man Ishaan? What truth he had been hiding from everyone? Would it leads to some breakups or some interesting patchups? 

Would the guys end up with the one they wanted? Or the one unexpected?

It's not all about love and hate but obsession and possesion!!

Get ready for the roller coaster ride which would ultimately lead to one and only question that - 'Is She The One?'