Viking, me.

Viking, me.

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Misamay By Misachan6 Updated Aug 27

Struck with fear I run, usually when you're frightened you run from something but no, I didn't, I ran to the black smith and demanded what I could. I tired to help I really did. But alas it did help. I've always been running but not always in the right direction. 

I should have seen it coming, a handsome Stranger at the well, from the first second I saw him. And heard him speak his broken Irish I should have known. 

This country is weird and even when I try forage bonds I can't keep them long enough. There is unrest in the village and the Earl is gathering men for a fight. But one event leads to another and the plan to over throw the earl is formed. The two brothers couldn't be more different. 

And all I can ask is why me? Why was I chosen and how did I not know I was meant to be chosen for this job written by the gods? 

Join my on my quest and catch up with the action.

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Nena-Blu Nena-Blu Jun 06
I still woulda grab a sword and just kilt whoever I could in cold blood
justAbunnyLover justAbunnyLover Aug 28, 2015
I like the way you write the setting. I have u feeling that it's going to be an interesting story. Write on!
SandraLake SandraLake Aug 19, 2015
Well written. You have a talent for description and establishing setting. If I may offer one small piece of constructive critique, it would be to weaver your setting description in with more action.
GailHooverKirbyRaczk GailHooverKirbyRaczk Jun 17, 2015
a bit mystified enjoying so far but wondering if he's planning on taking her as his bride or not...
PearlOfTheCandle PearlOfTheCandle Mar 30, 2015
why can she read, she doesn't sound like she's in a situation in which an education is available
AbigailSC14 AbigailSC14 Feb 22, 2015
I love the name saoirse! My younger sister's middle name is Siobhan where as I was stuck with Sîan