Friends & Fake People

Friends & Fake People

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There was a girl who was shy and non-confident but she was the kindest person you could ever meet, she would never tell somebody a bad word. She had like one close friend and like 2 other friends. She didn't complain about it but inside her, she wasn't pleased, she felt that they're not her type. Not the type of friends who are like her in even a few ways, she felt they were kinda not as kind as her. And it was actually the truth.

She didn't choose that one close friend, the truth is her mom got them to know eachother, and she had no one else, but this girl.

That poor girl's name was Emily.

By the time went on, she started to get farther and farther to her only one close friend, because she didn't really like her, she wasn't her kind and she was usually alone, she walked in the break time in her school alone, just watching other people talking and laughing and playing with their friends, till one day she cried about it.

Then one day, she thought that she should make friends, so she...