Summer with the Garcia Girls

Summer with the Garcia Girls

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When Summer Jansen planned a vacation to the Philippines, she didn't anticipate a summer full of unexpected adventures. Staying with the Garcia family means being with their four gorgeous girls.          

Carina, the sweetest of the Garcia girls is a sight to behold. She's nice and comfortable to be with. Then there is Adriana, Carina's identical twin, who seems to have developed a misplaced puppy love for her. Adriana is an embodiment of a girl Romeo in the making. There is also Valentina, the eldest, who can put Aphrodite herself to shame. She's tall with piercing hazel eyes that can buckle your knees with one look. She's wicked serious and mysterious. Then there is Daniela- hot, conceited and stubborn. Equally gorgeous as her siblings; she tests Summer's limits and challenges her in ways that no one else has.          

What happens when a girl is stuck between a hard rock and four gorgeous girls? Can she survive the summer in a household full of Garcia girls? Follow her misadventures.        

This a GirlxGirl story. This is written in Tagalog and English (Taglish).

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i-was-batman i-was-batman Apr 20, 2016 hello po sorry sa pagpplug ng story ko pero give it a shot? btw author i think your story is great! :)
SapphicEscapist SapphicEscapist May 03, 2016 momma told me "go make yourself some friends or you'll be lonely"
MahalKitaSnowy MahalKitaSnowy Aug 12, 2014
ayieeeeee!! taeeee nagulat ako pagkakita ko sakin siya nakadedict? hihihihihi.. nauna kasi ang pagbasa haha thank you authoooooor ! mwuaaaa!
Mayo18 Mayo18 Jul 26, 2014
chapter one pa lng, im already inlove with ur story... tama nga c Ms. T, mganda ang story mo hehe...
Mayo18 Mayo18 Jul 26, 2014
hello author... ur good friend suggested for me to read ur story, so here i am... ;)
MahalKitaSnowy MahalKitaSnowy Apr 18, 2014
i was like, o-oh..interesting in a different way, may pagpupuyatan nanaman ako basahin hehehe..magsisismula na ko ngayon author.. hihi.. magsisimula na ko magingay sa story mo hihihi