Bad Boy Encounters

Bad Boy Encounters

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Just someone By shadowcatcher_ Updated Nov 07


I avoided any eye contact with everyone and kept my head down, my hair still sheltering my face.

I made my way to my locker in record time, I strongly resisted the urge to do a happy dance, so instead I silently cheered for my self. I had managed to make it to my locker undetected.

I fumbled at the lock on my locker, my trembling fingers struggling with the stupid thing , after a few agonisingly long  and distressful minutes I managed to enter the code, to haul my locker  open. I ripped open my bag and placed the unneeded books in the large compartment then seized my other books, before rapidly shoving them in my bag.

I was about to turn around when I heard the familiar sound of heavy boots against the floors of the hall, I froze. I clenched my sweaty palms on the verge of a panic attack, right in the middle of school. I wiped away the sweat forming on my brow with the back of my quivering hand.

I started panicking, I looked around rapidly for an escape route, but to my avail there was none, so I did the only thing I could think to do.

I climbed into my locker...

Charlie Blackwell has spent the last 18 years of her life as simply as fate could let her, with all her troubled past behind her she now has great friends, a loving family and a road to her favourite university already planned out.

But when she meets bad boy Colton Mathews her life is turned upside down (sometimes literally) and her past seems out to get her and this time her beloved Oreo milkshakes, may not be the solution.

copyrighted. ©. 2014. Shadowcatcher_
Cover by @author_shagun

Merry_Marie Merry_Marie Jul 19
This ish da bomb and she talking about some"not really" for real
I love wathing tv while reading what dont judge i bet some of you have done it befor
gracieTpie gracieTpie Aug 11
That means there must be a Mr D *sniggers* sorry children I have to go clean out my mind now
lllucid lllucid May 09
Uh huh. Wow. Okay. I don't get spoiled at all. YOURE ALL EFFING RICH STOP COMPLAINING.
Is she a car girl? Cause if she is I relate to her even more now
And she said "not really" bitch please if this was me I would've been like "Aw Hail Yeaaaaaah! My name IS Leonardo Da Vinci after all....."