Bad Boy Encounters

Bad Boy Encounters

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Just someone By shadowcatcher_ Updated Dec 25, 2016


"I mean yes Cole Mathews, but no I do not like him, he may be hot but he is a complete asshole. I would rather stop eating Oreos and drinking milkshakes for the rest of my life than ever kiss him. For all I know I could Mono from him I mean, who knows who he has been in contact with before. Bottom line, Cole Matthews is disgusting and I will forever and forever hate him. Because, unlike any other hopeless girl he's been with, I actually have standards." I declared, emphasising every single word after my mini rant I took a deep breath.

I looked up at my two best friends to find them staring at me in complete shock and horror.

"Oh shiz. " I mumbled, my heart sinking. 

"Aw princess, and there I was thinking you were starting to like me." a deep and unfortunately familiar voice said, I could hear the smirk in his voice.

I turned around and came face to face with Cole Mathews...
Charlie Blackwell has spent the last 18 years of her life as simply as fate could let her, with all her troubled past behind her she now has great friends, a loving family and a road to her favourite university already planned out.

But when she meets bad boy Colton Mathews and somehow starts dating her nemesis' brother, her life is turned upside down (sometimes literally) and her past seems out to get he. However this time her beloved Oreo milkshakes, may not be the solution.

Copyrighted. ©. 2014. Shadowcatcher_
Cover by @author_shagun

Merry_Marie Merry_Marie Jul 19, 2016
This ish da bomb and she talking about some"not really" for real
Papi-Coco Papi-Coco Jun 19, 2016
I love wathing tv while reading what dont judge i bet some of you have done it befor
gracieTpie gracieTpie Aug 11, 2016
That means there must be a Mr D *sniggers* sorry children I have to go clean out my mind now
kaykaygooti423 kaykaygooti423 Jul 08, 2016
Is she a car girl? Cause if she is I relate to her even more now
love_stories_rock love_stories_rock Jun 16, 2016
And she said "not really" bitch please if this was me I would've been like "Aw Hail Yeaaaaaah! My name IS Leonardo Da Vinci after all....."
JoudRuby17 JoudRuby17 Jan 01
Oooooooo Mrs...D? Mhhmm...😏
                               SORRY I HAD TO 😂😂😂😂