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Misty By Misty_27 Completed

Khloe Pearson - Ms. Goody Two Shoes with a secret fantasy that she is too scared to let anyone know about. No one knows about it, but one person. And that one person is in her past. Or so she thinks.

Ian Wilder - Mr. Sex on Legs and a dominating man searching for one girl. Khloe Pearson. He knows her deepest darkest secret and he cannot wait to explore the possibilities of this. But when he finally finds her, will she accept him?

Most importantly, will she submit to him?

xx_grimreaper_xx xx_grimreaper_xx 6 days ago
If I said sir to a 16-18 year old boy he'd look at me as if I'd grown 2 heads
tbh the only thing i don't like is how people enjoy the punishment
Yo, allow calling me a slut man.
                              Cass me ouside, how boau dat?
shakira_lopez shakira_lopez Nov 25, 2016
He just mad coz he wanted her to ride him instead of the bike
pink_ryan pink_ryan Jan 11
OH MY JESUS this name in heaven
                              That's it my kid is going to be named Ian
Did this Bitch just call me-
                              Cass me ousside, how boau dat?