A silent soul mate

A silent soul mate

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Keneilwe By Reina_m_t Updated Dec 17, 2019

She lives a life of silence, a life of longing. She has never felt what love is.

She is brave, she is strong, she just needs to find her voice.

Ariana is your average teenage girl with problems. The only difference is that she has never been seen by another soul except her capturer. She is basically your modern day Rapunzel. One day, she decides to escape the silence and see a new world. A world of normalcy, but instead she stumbles upon a whole new world. One that is filled with danger, death and most importantly, desire.

She unlocks secrets, some more dangerous than others. Secrets that could mean the very end to her world and everyone in it.

Will she stay strong? Will she submit to love? Will she accept the life that has been given to her? Will she be able to find the missing piece to her treasure? Will these questions ever end?

Read more to find out.