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Afraid -Harry Styles Vampire fanfiction

Afraid -Harry Styles Vampire fanfiction

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seda By fishingforlouis Updated Nov 28, 2015

''When I first met you...'' He whispered brushing his thumb on my cheek.  ''I didn't expect to fall for you'' he whispered, making me shiver. His words warmed my heart.  He looked me in the eyes. His eyes were green again.  ''When I first met you..'' I whispered.  ''I didn't expect to fall for you too'' I whispered leaning into his lips. She falls for a dangerous vampire, and he falls for a normal girl.

stylesworldd stylesworldd Apr 30, 2016
You go girl! So proud of you for learning English, as it takes a lot of effort to learn another language!!!!
You go. It's never easy learning or getting better at a language
haroldpuppy haroldpuppy Aug 06, 2015
da eff u sayin??? 1000000000000 times better than my shitty engliz
MandyXXbaby MandyXXbaby May 17, 2015
I know what you mean, I'm Dutch and my English is also not so very well. 
mystry16 mystry16 May 01, 2015
honestly your English is great!! you have nothing to worry about, don't worry about negative comments.