Try Me On For Size (SasuNaru/BoyxBoy)

Try Me On For Size (SasuNaru/BoyxBoy)

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Lily By DarkWolf991 Updated Jan 17, 2014

Sasuke Uchiha and Naruto Uzumaki were friends, and enemies.
But what will happen when Sasuke realizes that he likes Naruto in a different way?
Will Naruto accept this? Or will he run away from his own feelings about Sasuke?
As Naruto slowly reveals that he isn't actually as stupid as he seemed, Sasuke's feelings for him grow.

Join Naruto and Sasuke as they walk through a thorny path of emotions and lurveee... MWA HAHA HA HA!!!
The strings of fate are being held by Miss DarkWolf991, and hell, she is happy about that.
Ladies and Gentlemen...


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Loverayray0 Loverayray0 Jan 30
Once again I read it as 'Sasuke is gay' and I'm still like 'Duh we already knew this.'
I wear short shorts but only because they are comfortable (especially when I'm on my period) and I hate pants
Hanran-gun Hanran-gun Dec 23, 2017
                              Why do want to know so badly in the kitchen that you run are you really that thirsty 
                              For some water
Br0kenY0uth Br0kenY0uth Jan 21
After he saves Konoha he be gettin hella bitches so that's aite
rlau2289 rlau2289 Dec 24, 2017
;-; I’m judging you
                              XD JK I was kidding I’d never hurt poor Naru’s feelzies