Forbidden Eternity.

Forbidden Eternity.

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Tyler By TylerNicole1x Updated Oct 22, 2012

After a should've been fatal crash, Katie Lewis wakes up on her birthday with no recollection of the night before. After returning home completely unharmed - If a little woozy from all the blood - she is immediately sent off to The Academy. The signs already showing.

Katie discovers The Academy is not for normal people, no, the place is for vampires, and she is to become one of the rarest types of vampire, A Daywalker.

With the only other Daywalker at the academy being the aggressive and mysterious Daniel Wolfe, Katie already has a bond with him that she hasn't with the other vampires. But with Daniel's chillingly good looks and brooding (if slightly sarcastic) personality, Katie is drawn in deeper than she intended.
Daniel is harbouring a very dark secret, one that threatens everything that Katie is. 
Determined to bring down Daniels walls, Katie doesn't realise Daniel isn't who he seems.
And finding out who he truly is will not only be dangerous to her, but to him as well...

Join Katie on her embarkment into becoming a fully transitioned Daywalker, and what dangers and adventures come along with that change....

-Capulse- -Capulse- May 20, 2012
I love the story so far hope to have lots of up dates so i can read xD oh it would be so cool if they had a baby though as well
MeggieLC MeggieLC Mar 27, 2011
This is really awesome, I kind of stumbled upon it but I am now completely hooked! This is fantastic, I'm going to have to read it slowly though :) Love it :)
TylerNicole1x TylerNicole1x Aug 15, 2010
@RebelAngel You take it right :D And thanks, really appreciate it :) xx
GaylesintheTardis GaylesintheTardis Jun 25, 2010
Ooh, getting pretty darn interesting... Damnit, I really need to make one of those story picture things. Haha, I'm read on! (:
RebelAngel RebelAngel Jun 25, 2010
This is really good. I like it. So, I take it that her parents are aware there are vampires and such? Ohh, I love the picture on the side; it is sick as. :D