God and Aliens: First Contact

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Solomon2010 By Solomon2010 Updated 4 years ago
What would happen if the earth was visited by an alien race today? What would happen to our religion, theology and expectations? In the story, an astronaut encounters an alien race in space. Should we welcome them? Can they be trusted?
I'll read more, our stories are very similar in that they ask some of the same questions.  I'd love your thoughts on mine, Twelve Days when you've got a minute...
Wow, Very interesting read. You obviously put a lot of thought into the behaviors of the characters. I was glued to the story. Hope to read more!
From the end of part 2, it doesn't feel like the people of Earth are safe yet just because they have faith. Interesting read though.
Very interesting, makes me feel like we might get visited by beings. Was upset that I had to stop reading. Please update soon.
Interesting stuff ......Never knew they mentioned other worlds in the Bible guess I wasn't paying close attention