- As A Rose

- As A Rose

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TJMadelynn By TJMadelynn Updated May 04, 2012

I saw him standing there beautiful

Petals stretched upward like the crown of a flame

His only conquest was that moment-

And for the moment to whisper his name

His bodice was ravaged in thorns

Driven from the inside to pierce his flesh

Yet still he did not falter

For he knew simply to exist- he had been blessed

I cry to the heavens

Plea to the moment's master

Offer my servant heart sincere

This is the vow I surrender-

Capture again within my breast the song of a thousand seas

Awaken the breath which dwells within the earth to seduce my humbled release

Replenish my heart to adore the divine, and allow me to taste the tears of sorrow

For these are the true privileges of the spirits purest wine

And the purpose of 'why' shall beseech my echo

Should the sands of time find pardon with me-

And favor my path with the laughter of her flame

Then I shan't neglect her precious simplicity-

Even if the blossoms which unfold refuse scent and turn away

And if the veil of the mid-da...

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acmercury91 acmercury91 Mar 19, 2013
nice write, I agree the repetition was perfect. Your my new favorite writer.  I love the line "the crown of a flame".
newpoet newpoet Nov 22, 2012
I do love the way you repeated your first stanza to the last. Beautiful.
Megabucks Megabucks Sep 18, 2012
Every sentence within this piece is incredibly and beautifully written.  Your descriptions have left me awestuck.  Thank you for sharing.
Amuse-bouche Amuse-bouche May 06, 2012
"Allow me the strength to bare my thorns"...Oh such a wondrous line midst this excellent write!  Lovely work!
TJMadelynn TJMadelynn May 04, 2012
Thanks m'dear but I cant get the damn thing to format right.. keeps coming out wrong after I edit!! ugh! note to self- should NOT be doing this at 2am!
CottonJones CottonJones May 04, 2012
Lovely poetry, Maddi, and rich in metaphors, simply sublime.  Truly the moment is the crowning glory of time.  Love, peace and freedom, Olan