Bees make honey, and honey can be dangerous! (OHSHC fanfic)

Bees make honey, and honey can be dangerous! (OHSHC fanfic)

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It was my first day at a new school and I was a little nervous. I'm always shy and quite so people don't talk to me much.

I put on a pink and white. frilly dress with white stockings and black dress shoes.

I pull my light brown hair in two pigtails with big pink bows. I grab my pink and yellow stuffed rabbit Kamie-chan and head to school

         **~TIME SKIP~**

I'm walking down the hallway through crowds of tall people. Everyone is taller than me. I hug Kamie-chan to my chest and continue walking down the hall

School just ended so I have free time. I come across two big doors and look at the sign: Music Room 3.

'Music room, does that mean people will be sing? I like singing.'   I thought to myself.

I pushed open the large doors and was attacked by rose petals.

"WELCOME TO THE HOST CLUB!!" many voices shouted simultaneously.

I shrieked and backed up, covering my face with my hands.

"Oh, its just a-"

"Little girl."

Two voices said. I uncovered my face slowly an...

I have anxiety so I always screw up my first impression 😞
I love strawberry shortcake it was my favourite show growing up right next to Timothy goes to school but they really changed strawberry shortcake's animation and it's completely different to styles they did in the early 2000's but I'm still loving it just a bit bummed out
.....I love strawberry shortcake
                              Ice cream.  Strawberry shortcake ice cream
OBunnyO OBunnyO May 07
The title and cover are awesome im already fan girling and i didn't even
Hanazono as in Hikari Hanazono, daughter of a pro wrestler/master carpenter?