Bees make honey, and honey can be dangerous! (OHSHC fanfic)

Bees make honey, and honey can be dangerous! (OHSHC fanfic)

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Amethyst By Amethyst_and_Lapis Updated Sep 11, 2016


It was my first day at a new school and I was a little nervous. I'm always shy and quite so people don't talk to me much.

I put on a pink and white. frilly dress with white stockings and black dress shoes.

I pull my light brown hair in two pigtails with big pink bows. I grab my pink and yellow stuffed rabbit Kamie-chan and head to school

         **~TIME SKIP~**

I'm walking down the hallway through crowds of tall people. Everyone is taller than me. I hug Kamie-chan to my chest and continue walking down the hall

School just ended so I have free time. I come across two big doors and look at the sign: Music Room 3.

'Music room, does that mean people will be sing? I like singing.'   I thought to myself.

I pushed open the large doors and was attacked by rose petals.

"WELCOME TO THE HOST CLUB!!" many voices shouted simultaneously.

I shrieked and backed up, covering my face with my hands.

"Oh, its just a-"

"Little girl."

Two voices said. I uncovered my face slowly an...

wandering-lost-star wandering-lost-star Feb 14, 2016
Our lord and savior is a stuffed rabbit!
                              Wow, never thought I'd say a sentence like that, ever!
inuyasha900 inuyasha900 Jul 23, 2016
Can someone please help me I feel like I know that girl in the photo like anime
ViviT3115 ViviT3115 Jul 28, 2016
AutumnIsDreaming AutumnIsDreaming Jun 17, 2016
I know! I'm so quiet, but when I show my true colors, I can get pretty annoying.
nalmanka nalmanka Jun 18, 2016
Squze me put theres a small pun in the title of this story.
                              Bees make honey
                              Aka hunney ☺
AutumnIsDreaming AutumnIsDreaming Jun 17, 2016
If I'm there right now, I would punch him in the face and say, "Deal with it."