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Welcome to the world of BDSM. It knows no boundaries....just Pure Pleasure, and if you're up for it a little pain. 

Faith has a lot going for her but once she steps into the world she wants so desperately to be apart of will she be hurt? Will Faith find the strength to join the new club, to dive into the world of pain and pleasure?

Are you ready to blush?
*The ending is Not the true ending*
*The rewrite is up on my page*

ruthlessEm ruthlessEm Jul 11, 2014
Wow. . . how do you talk about that with your Mom? O.o I'd be way too embarassed. . .
Avidreader7 Avidreader7 Mar 04, 2014
@KellyKohler I couldn't find "A Sinners Sex" is it on Wattpad still?
Avidreader7 Avidreader7 Mar 04, 2014
After reading more books that portrayed BDSM n them I realized that 50 shades was quite uninteresting and a true fairy tale. Can't wait 2 see what is book holds.
elmolove17 elmolove17 Nov 25, 2013
50 shades sucks its not even real bdsm it s all vanilla sex except for a couple of times I don't see why every one is so obsessed with that book
lovella1965 lovella1965 Oct 05, 2013
I am really not happy how this ended there should have been a sequel. Very disappointed....
phuqmerunning phuqmerunning Sep 28, 2013
I am sooo glad someone else thought that Fifty Shade SUCKED!!!! My husband and I both read them, we were very disappointed. I'm going to read this and if I enjoy it my husband said he would open him account on here to read it. It will be his first . :-)