What's a bad boy?

What's a bad boy?

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queenofheartsxo By queenofheartsxo Updated Jul 24, 2018

"I'm Hunter. Hunter Jones. Nice to meet you Vee" he greets me cockily.
My eyebrows crinkle in confusion.
"Only my parents call me that" I warn him.
He smirks at me and takes a few steps closer until he is close enough for me to reach out and touch him.
"Well looks like you'll just have to tell them to stop cause that's my nickname for you now" he flirts.
My cheeks flush a light pink and I look down at my feet as I see him winking at me. Logan rolls his eyes.
"You never quit do you?" He asks whilst laughing.
Hunter smirks at him then turns back to face me.
"I guess not," he says to me in a seductive sort of way, "but I can't really help it can I? I'm a bad boy at heart."
My eyebrows crinkle even further in confusion than I thought possible.

"Wait, what's a 'bad boy'?" 


Violet Willows has been homeschooled all her life. She's never watched Titanic with a box of tissues, or gone on a cringeworthy first date, or even had a sloppy first kiss. She is completely unprepared for the stereotypical high school experience.

However, what will happen when she is forced to move to Bridgeville, where she will have to go to school for the first time ever? Of course, she will be introduced to loads of new concepts such as alcohol, drugs and the definition of a slut. Yet, after an encounter with Hunter Jones, the most popular guy in the school, she seems to only have one question....

What's a bad boy?

Shout out to @Fangurling4Life for making the cover
Warning: Mild swearing! Don't let me ruin your minds innocent babies!!  :)

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