In Love...With My Brother -ThugLove-

In Love...With My Brother -ThugLove-

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mama By AsvpxKobain Updated Jul 24, 2017

My name is Janae Araon Cotton, Im 17 years old and im in love with my 19 year old brother Khadarious Khalil Cotton. This is our story of love, heartaches, trials and tribulations.

Janae in mm 

I want to thank all my followers and commenter's and voter's but FUCK ANYONE that says rude comments on my shit read the fuckin title IN LOVE WITH MY BROTHER. A girl in love with her BROTHER you have a problem then don't read simple as that. If I see any rude comments I will report you and I will block you. Have a great day and vote and comment thank you.

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candycorn_123 candycorn_123 Sep 07, 2016
On my life that's what my best friend be doing to me I be in a good ass dream he be trying to play man 😑😂
Qunnie_always Qunnie_always Dec 01, 2015
This is so weird I'm just gone pretend that's not her brother
RickyPablo RickyPablo Nov 26, 2015
Yo this is like flowers in the attic hood style yo this biz is cbazy
ryn324 ryn324 Nov 14, 2015
The boy name is nolen my friends claim they used to talk to them
jvnglekhodi jvnglekhodi Nov 04, 2015
if my brother looked like that hell yea i'd be in love with him
AsvpxKobain AsvpxKobain Jun 21, 2014
@juicylippedlynn If you got a problem baby girl step off my book