Dear Mr Mafia (Heist Book 1)(Editing)

Dear Mr Mafia (Heist Book 1)(Editing)

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Ally/Alex By ThexForgotten Completed

Ice is 23 years old, and as a writer, writes his disturbing thoughts on paper for a living. Ice was never on the right side of the law from the beginning, so when he finds a man shot on the street, he instantly helps him out, finding himself back in the arms of trouble.

Blake is the biggest, baddest mafia boss in the underworld, left wounded on the streets, then rescued by Ice, they hit it off right away. 

Guess Mr Mafia deserves a letter, and so it starts with Dear...

**Heist Book 1**

*All rights Reserved @ThexForgotten*

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Are u sure your mom isn't my mom? When she was pregnant with my sister she always had cravings for "hospital ice" as she calls it. She stills loves it till this day!
HotDogMary2 HotDogMary2 Jan 28
😂😂😂😂 I'm hollering. Death has never been funny to me but this is an exception lmao
wow..let us all cool my friend are a savage
Can I just say i´m reading this at school so i fear for myself.
LuluM69 LuluM69 Jan 21
Maybe the "i took a bullet but it's not like it's a big deal since it's not my first time "attitude and the "do not call an ambulance" also maybe his appareance (?) gave him away ....🤔🤔😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂
TRH___ TRH___ Mar 31
Completely stupid idea ice. The guy was shot, you have no possible way of telling how much blood he lost, and drinking alcohol after losing a lot of blood isn’t very smart