Cana's Twin Sister A Sting X Reader Story

Cana's Twin Sister A Sting X Reader Story

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The Pastel Trash By The_Pastel_Trash_ Updated Jun 11, 2018

(Y/N) Alberona, she is Cana's twin sister. When they were kids, (y/n) got separated from Cana before they joined fairy tail. (Y/n) was taken in by a dragon Achnologia, he taught her all the magic, the year x777 he disappeared, (y/n) found herself stumbling into fairy tail a month after natsu joined. Cana and (y/n) found each other. (Y/N) got granted as a s class wizard when erza became one. She took a five year job at the age of 15. She came back 3 years later right before the 7 year event.

Then at the grand magic games, (y/n) meets sting, they hate each other instantly but can hate turn into something else?

~#2 in StingXReader Stories -5/8/18~
~#5 in Erza Scarlet stories -5/8/18~

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