Let Go - Camren

Let Go - Camren

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Chloe By CamrenTrash99 Updated Dec 24, 2017

Camila was lost, lonely and broken. Her hands shaking, her breathe ragged and her head spinning. She had spent so many nights like this; curled into a ball in her small bunk, paralysed with fear. For some reason, tonight was different. Around 4am a figure crawled beside Camila and held her  till she drifted back to a restless sleep.

Camila is a little, struggling with accepting herself. Lauren finds herself once again falling for her bandmate. The last time they had been close everything had fallen apart. This time Lauren had to make Camila let go.

**Contains consensual age-regression**

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5hslayyy 5hslayyy Nov 24, 2017
Omgg this was great!! Definitely one of the best ones I’ve read! I’m excited for you to continue!!
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Okay this was seriously so good! I can’t wait to read more!!
ResoldBaby ResoldBaby Aug 28, 2018
Me: i am.16 and shall do 16 year old things- RIGHT AFTER I PET THAT DOGGO I THINK I HAVE TREATS IN MY POCKET