Hi (cryaotic x reader fanfiction) DISCONTINUED

Hi (cryaotic x reader fanfiction) DISCONTINUED

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cryzles By cryzles Updated Dec 13, 2015

Your life has been ordinary for years. Hanging out with your friends during school and summer, taking horse-back riding every Sunday, and in your free time playing wii games with your little sister Ashley. 

One day your best friend Brooke took you to her special surprise; and you met someone with a poker face mask. Strangely, the two of you clicked and instantly became friends. You called each other just to know what was going on, and sometimes you went horseback riding together. Just for the fun of it.

Who knew that a simple phone call could ruin your ordinary life.

MrsRyu12188 MrsRyu12188 Oct 21, 2016
'After your 18 minute shower' 
                              Meeeeeee more like 4 hour shower
axis12358 axis12358 2 days ago
On the inside: okay calm down 
                              On the outside : * screams at the top of my lungs * HELL NAH TO DA NAH NAH NAH
1WitchCraft1 1WitchCraft1 Aug 18, 2016
Noo pink I hate it staph I love blue must stick with blue!!! Yea I'm just gonna change it to blue :P because I don't like pink
MrsRyu12188 MrsRyu12188 Oct 20, 2016
I live in London so I don't go out because it's mostly freezing but when I go back to Florida I'm turning up at the water parks 😎
PixlatedShipper PixlatedShipper Dec 26, 2016
i never were skinny jeans to tight i like it lose and i never dress to impress
1WitchCraft1 1WitchCraft1 Aug 18, 2016
I look ugly with my hair up or anything so I'm gonna leave it down ;~;