The Bullied One (PewdieCry)

The Bullied One (PewdieCry)

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Lumi ♡ By Luminousblackbird Completed

Ryan or Cry as he is called is both beaten by his dad and bullied in school.
But Cry gets closer to one of his bullies; Felix.
They become friends but one day something happends and Cry vanishes.

After five years he returns but a slightly bit different...

He is no longer the bullied one...

(I'm awful at descriptions)
(Also I was like 12-13 when I wrote this lmao)

Contains a bit of blood, gore and of course boyxboy! 
Don't like it, don't read it.


(cover art by Gabrielle Nilsson, edited by me)

PetiteLester PetiteLester Nov 28, 2016
Oh shnap so his mask in this story is s prosthetic technically?
monroebrina monroebrina Apr 13, 2016
Nope totally not losing sleep to read this again.No excitement at all
Luminousblackbird Luminousblackbird Jan 06, 2015
@Creekyaoi6878 Hueheuheuehu, everyone loves some miso soup lol
Katie-the-strangler Katie-the-strangler Jan 06, 2015
I didn't see your name before so when you said take some soup o was like,"miso soup?" Becauae thats my fav kind. Then I saw your name and I was like, " I was right?!"