Body talk

Body talk

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The-undiscovered-one By The-undiscovered-one Updated Mar 16, 2018

A frank look at body language. We may well speak with our mouths, but there is a whole lot more we're saying with our bodies, quite often, without us even realising. Have you ever walked away from an interview pondering over how well it might have gone? What you're chances are of nailing that dream job? Or perhaps you're curious as to how genuine a friend is being with you, having talked their way out of an accusation that's been made? What about that guy or girl that's promising you the world? Are they trustworthy, or just telling you what you want to hear? Then there's that hot someone that you've been crushing on for months on end ... Do they secretly like you too? Are you in with a chance? 

There are many tell tale signs when it comes to body language. Whether it be clear cut signals of love, lust, dislike, lies, honesty, the list goes on. But beware! You can't just go on one thing or one occasion and think you've got them bang to rights. The more signs you read, the more consistently you see these, the more likely you are to have you're answer. Another thing to be aware of, is knowledge. Some people are well aware of the giveaways to what they are trying to hide, but look closely, some actions are beyond their control.

Most of all ... Enjoy, use light heartedly and have fun. 

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Most importantly .... Enjoy!

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