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Cutie With a Booty (Editing for future publishing)

Cutie With a Booty (Editing for future publishing)

559K Reads 22.4K Votes 35 Part Story
Asiah By Musiq4lyf Completed

Twenty-two year old Kasey has never been kissed or even touched by a member of the opposite sex. With three college degrees, the only thing she has ever focused on is her education. Yet, she's incapable of taking care of herself out of a lack of common sense. Her best friend, Jace, decides that it's time for Kasey to move in with her so that she can keep a close eye on her. Except hot neighbor, Justin, isn't too happy about having another girl around the apartment complex, especially one as crazy and quirky as Kasey. Will Kasey finally get her life together knowing that Jace is at her side? Read on to follow this crazy journey of a cutie with a booty. [WARNING: For older readers for cursing, sexual innuendos, and more]

Mythic_Ink Mythic_Ink Dec 06, 2016
You know those cute little harnesses with the leash you put on small children to you don't lose them? She needs one of those
Souraya7abib Souraya7abib Aug 27, 2016
Excuse me *gasps* you think they are not real you know what fûck off
shamelessshank shamelessshank Dec 02, 2016
This isn't even oblivion 😂😂😂😂 it's stupidity 😂😂😂😂
midnight_magic424 midnight_magic424 Dec 07, 2016
*cringe* what are you? Five?.... I love teddy bears, I am not judging. But teddy bear with beard and tattoos... umm.. I'll pass
What is this sourcery!!! Unicorns are real 😑😑😑😑😑😑 YOU SHALL NOT HAVE THE UNI ON THE CORN ✌
Orrrr thats what she makes you think, so you can maintain her... KNOWLEDGE ! im sooo trying this