Abuse Woven (OHSHC Ouran Fanfic)(Kyoya Ootori) [ Completed ]

Abuse Woven (OHSHC Ouran Fanfic)(Kyoya Ootori) [ Completed ]

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Delphie Hontozuru is the daughter of Alexandra Freedom and Edri Hontozuru. Her family owning Hope Enterprise. A company that's goal is to make people hope for good things. Her photographic memory constantly helping her study?

Lines in her skin leave a trail of abuse to be seen. Woven into her skin. Her life is at risk. How much damage was/is done. Life is a thing nobody fully controls. 

When is she in control? Why is there any risk? A manager? Does she fall in love, or is it just a delusion? 

Completed-June 28,2018
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Warning: Contains Controversial Topics