You Watched Me Fall {A Novella}

You Watched Me Fall {A Novella}

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After an unforgivable misunderstanding, Isadora is banished from Heaven and falls from grace to Earth. Alone in an unfamiliar place, she finds herself confused and helpless, but she clings to the past that changed her and the hope to restore her faith in herself and her world.

Isadora finds help in one of the most unlikely places, from a boy named Cohen who seems to be more familiar with angels than any human should be. Unfortunately his kindness comes with a price, and it isn't long before the other humans begin to become suspicious of Cohen's mysterious new friend.

When Isadora's presence begins attracting dangers from other worlds, she finds her new friends in mortal peril that only she has the power to protect them from. But is she willing to give up her life to save the mortals she's grown to cherish?

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