My Brother's Best Friend | adrienette

My Brother's Best Friend | adrienette

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Marinette is Marin's little sister. She's focused mostly on her studies and ignoring her brothers best friend, Adrien.

Adrien is one of the school's bad boys. People think of him as a player and a trouble maker. 

What will happen when Marinette catches a glimpse of the real Adrien and finds herself falling for her brother's best friend?

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I'm seeing that in my future-
                              Nvm I already wore those last night ;-;
bby-noir bby-noir 4 days ago
Me without mascara and lipgloss.
                              (I don’t wear making like full on, it makes my face breakout, I only wear mascara and lipgloss)
Alya: That's the idea, maybe that way my ship will come true.
                              Marinette: I'm going to kill you
High School Musical 
                              I Don't Dance 
                              I don't dance
                              I say you can
                              Not a chance
                              If I can do this 
                              Than you can do that
                              ButI don't dance 
                              I know you can
pheemi pheemi Sep 29
Don't believe her Adrien? She proved you wrong! KISS ADRIEN, MARINETTE!!!
U should write a lot if ur updating. Like about 2 paragraphs per chapter