Married To You?

Married To You?

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This is the story of how a twenty year old succumbs to her parents' wishes and decide to get married to an mysterious, humble and enigmatic guy called Mohammed Qasim, a twenty three year old. 

Join Khadijah Hussain and Mohammed Qasim as  they overcome the boundaries that come with not knowing each other and how they learn to live with each other, learning about how the other does things in their lives and how they forge a friendship leaping in unknown territory.

Romance. Channing Tatum. Arguments. Tears. Chocolates. One Direction Onesies. Moody tantrums. This story has it all.

  • arranged-marriage
  • asian
  • muslim
  • parents
  • romantic
LaLaiq LaLaiq Dec 31, 2017
That shouldn't be a question. That should be a statement.  You never ask if someone's gonna hit you. You make it clear that they're not gonna hit you. The moment they cross that line you make them regret it.
mananfanatic27 mananfanatic27 Sep 22, 2017
Thank god my parents are not like this. They are all about studies and being independent before marriage and stuff and I am 24 and still really happily single and doing good for myself...I feel blessed to have my parents after reading this...
LaLaiq LaLaiq Dec 31, 2017
Ouch... I don't imagine myself there in 4 years. At 20 I'm gonna be in university becoming something
SagalMuktar SagalMuktar Jul 19, 2017
My dad is the most blunt human on earth 😭😂😂 this guy would just make wanna hide your face and never show it
- - Aug 20, 2016
This is so weird because my mums names Khadijah and my brothers name is Qasim.
f_aliya68 f_aliya68 May 06, 2016
Same is the case with my family.
                              After graduation get married urgh.. :-( 
                              BTW concept is interesting 😃