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Real Heroes Wear Capes ✓

Real Heroes Wear Capes ✓

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arcticstars By arcticstars Completed

The media calls them superheroes. Their friends call them a bunch of freeloading tossers who need to get a job. 
  For these five young superbeings, fighting crime was never part of the picture. Why make a living when you can use your power to facilitate petty theft? Once known as Team Colossus, they're now happily redundant, branded as the Colossal Screw-Ups. 
  But when a shadowy stranger bursts into their flat with a gun and an unexplainable vendetta, their days of larceny have ended. There's a war on. The time for daytime television and microwave dinners is over.
  {Written 2014.}

The badarse Asian girl
                              Lol why do I compare everything to an unstereotypical stereotype like it's a thing
And now I picture him as dying Clear. Oh god here comes the feels!
                              WE ALL KNOW WHAT THIS MEANS
                              LEO IS WAXER AND BOIL
                              MAID IS REX
                              YOU CAN DO THE REST
                              YOU //NEED// CAPES
                              (^when your favourite comic characters don't wear capes)
Who are you, and how to you find me?
                              I know not who you are, nor how I came to find you, but may I just say....*eyebrows* hi. How ya doin'?
Use the Force, Leo.....
                               *waves hand* you will give me this Dutch bacon.....