Strange Love (Jelena Version)

Strange Love (Jelena Version)

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\\ On Haitus - until I can finish editing the remaining chapters //

Have you ever had that one person in your life that you hated for no reason?

There was no reasonable explanation for you to feel that way about them but yet still, the very second you first laid eyes on them, your blood boiled and your anger grew?

It was like, the smallest things about them ticked you off?

The sound of them laughing, the way they walked, the very idea of them sharing oxygen with you pissed you off to no extent?

And somehow it seemed as if their life's mission was to antagonize you?

And so, in an effort to not look insane, you'd try to find reasons to hate them and you'd talk yourself into believing that they were legitimate reasons?

But deep down you knew that you didn't really hate them; that you actually cared because at the end of the day, they were a constant in your life, a sense of security.

But you would rather die than admit that fact, even if it was just to yourself.

For me, that person was Justin Bieber.

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