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Hope Personified

Hope Personified

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XmoroccangalX By XmoroccangalX Updated Nov 18, 2011

Remeny has lived the past three years trying to care for her sick father since her mother was brutally killed in a so called 'accident'. When her father is taken away by order of the king due to illegal hunting, the people of Hoppshire are threatened, leaving Remeny no choice but to turn rogue. What will happen when she comes across the ever elusive Hope Personifed, a group of bandits thats sole purpose is to fight the system and bring down the king? With a tag on her head for reasons she can't comprehend, who can Remeny really trust?

MademoiselleAdeline MademoiselleAdeline May 17, 2011
good so far! just one note: you say "for" a lot.  I'm a fan of the word, too (it's so much better than 'because'!) but don't overuse it ;)
XmoroccangalX XmoroccangalX Feb 23, 2011
loool your exclamation marks just emphasize how much you enjoy it, so thankyou thankyou thankyou!!! i dont think i could ever leave a story unfinished, even if it took me 50 years to finish it, lol. so dont worry, it will continue. infact, im gunna put the first chapter up right now!! :D
MiaCat MiaCat Feb 22, 2011
im reading it im reading it !!! =DDDD hopefully u finish and commit to your story unlike me *fizzle fizzle* ... i like your writing alot !!
                              keep going !! 
                              p.s: (do you think i use a lot of exclamation points! <--- there again *rolls eyes*)
XmoroccangalX XmoroccangalX Feb 15, 2011
@roshkat why thankyou love! i know, im very very excited myself! i do hope you like it though...only one way to find out i suppose! 1st chapter coming soon!
XmoroccangalX XmoroccangalX Feb 14, 2011
@kittenluv98 aww thankyou hun...i will in a couple of days, lol.
XmoroccangalX XmoroccangalX Feb 14, 2011
@pringles oh wow that was fast!! and thankyou thankyou thankyou!!! appreciate it alot! next chapter is dun so mayb in the next few days??  dont forget to vote! :)