Thick Girls Do It Better (Full Figured && Thug Love)

Thick Girls Do It Better (Full Figured && Thug Love)

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Adrianna Hartsfield By Pluto_babii Updated Mar 31

Growing up in Miami isn't all that its cracked up too be. Children dying, mama's crying and hood niggas trying to survive. North Miami will make you or break you. Lil Haiti, where I'm from is rough, like a mini Compton or even a small Chicago. If you not from around here, you as good as dead. 

"Can I ball, can I chill, can I stunt..." I hummed walking down the street from school looking at the hood. Hobos and prostitutes on one corner and drug dealers on the next. I looked down most of time, making sure that I didn't step in no used condom or broken glass that usually decorated the ground. 

I turn the corner of 145th and seen James, the sexiest man I have ever seen but of course he had never seen me and I plan on keeping it that way. Its something about a Haitian boy. I'm half Haitian on my daddy side but he passed away when I was a child. Sometimes I wish he wouldn't have been dealing that night and been at home with my mama. Ever since he passed away, my mama fell off bad asf. I'm...

dolittle_lynn dolittle_lynn Jun 18, 2016
Fucc theifing , yall aint worried abt how ole boy kno where she stay already ?😕😂😂
zae_theplug zae_theplug Jun 29, 2016
Let a dude do something like that to me, he gone catch the dial tone so fast
KayAnnette4 KayAnnette4 Mar 21, 2016
Why y'all saying her stealing ain't cute. True stealing isn't cute but that's one of her only options for survival
zae_theplug zae_theplug Jun 29, 2016
I remember that one time I forgot to put the water in and my momma went off cause I messed up the microwave
derreanbootytom derreanbootytom Oct 16, 2016
Damn y'all on her case and for wat?😕 she been living on her own since 12 do u think she got money… wat would u do if u ain't have money, u would still too right? My point exactly
highonshay highonshay Aug 06, 2015
Cup a noodles nasty as hell had emm like 2 the first time I ain't think I made emm right but I did & the 2 time they was still nasty