Hidden Scars (Larry Stylinson AU)

Hidden Scars (Larry Stylinson AU)

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"Your hidden scars will heal only if you expose them to the bandaid."

WARNINGS: depression, self harm.

(honest note: minor grammatical errors here and there, sorry)

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Sometimes I wanna die more than anything but sometimes I don't
My mom hates me she found out i cut and she said i was disgusting and all of my friends think i cut for attention whlie am dying in tears i feel like no one understand my mom hates one direction she Christian and i dont belive in god no more i used to be bubbly and fun but now am a dark and cold
My doctor recently told me I have depression & really bad anxiety & told my mom I'll need counseling & my mom agreed with it, but she's mad bc of it & told me I'm not going to counseling or getting medication
KrisazMinaj KrisazMinaj May 30
Wow.. Stay alive my fren, please dont take your life away from me |-/
50 bucks its Harold
                              pls be right that's all the money I have
My dad told me not to get lower than a B but when I do get a C in Spanish he didn't say things like that he just took my phone and laptop away for a week😧 I'm sorry if you guys' parents say those things dont listen to them you're not hopeless