My Kids And I

My Kids And I

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~My Kids And I~

'When you've got stereotypes in the likes of......

---Seemingly Perfect- in- 'the- eyes- of- the- media' billionaire couple Dr and philanthropist, George Mayham, his fashionista wife Gracia and their lousy teen daughter, Anastasia

-----Hawaii- driven adventure  couple; The Douglas Hue's and their three super-talented BUT weirdo kids. Mitchell, the mean but devoted pianoist;Joshua Jay, the vegetarian and aspiring singer and Chandra, the talented youngster writer

----Your typical romantic and blissful Nigerian Lagos- dwelling couple; The Ferdinand Anyanwu family and their youngster daughter, Ifunanya. A man who loves his wife so much that he's so scared to reveal a haunting truth. 

-----Face of popular Beauty Makeups and TV Show Host and critic, Sarah Stones and her overseas doctor- fiancée, Denzel Stewards

.....meeting coincidentally in Lekki Gardens, based off in Nigeria, nothing is bound to go wrong, right?......or maybe something'

**Cover design by Me. 👌


Journey along with the characters whose stories are an intertwined, yet connected pieces that brings the story to a finite and promising end  


No one seems to realise that being the different one in a world of fakes is a trait to be cherished and that is the point of my existence. Showing them that the otherwise of it all is the best way to life. 

     ---------- Been your one true self, no matter what


Journey along on this camping vacation to Africa and DON'T FORGET to bring along a truck full of tasty lemonade and sunscreen lotion AND... get ready to have your ribs cracking in laughter. 




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