The Sweet Kind of Crazy

The Sweet Kind of Crazy

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yelena By YellyisJelly Updated Jul 15

"Uh..." was all I could say.

Being surrounded by five hot guys is probably every girls' dream, but this is a nightmare because...

They have flip flappin' guns.



Dayana is now in college. But guess what? It's the same college that some old... FRIENDS go to.

Despite losing memories and getting a new home, she's still crazy. But no more split-personality.

Well, not as crazy as before, though. Just the crazy type that would act as if she's ignorant to every little thing.

Xander is not so well. He's still sweet, yes. He's still in CBG, yes. He's still good-looking, yes. But he's not as happy as before.

He knows he lost his Crazie without Dayana even knowing she lost her Sweetie. But he's patching up, he's a-okay, as he always says in the morning.

Is Dayana still Dayana?

Or does Xander have to find his Crazie himself?

Of course, their relationship needs to contain the Sweet Kind of Crazy, so let's go find it.

Little do they know, some things just aren't meant to be found.


Book 2 of Sweet as Sugar, Crazy as Hell. Please read the first book if you haven't, thank you! :)

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