Taste of failure.

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Mistakes are more common than breathing.
This is absolutely amazing! I love it! There's no words to how much this poem is relatable to. It's just so beautiful with all the descriptive words used for this poem. One of my favorites, just absolutely beautiful...
I love the whole thing, but I especially love the quote in your description!! It's so pretty!
WOW!!!..... very deep and touching especially since i think im failing too but ni way i have tu say u HAVE  gr8 talent 4 poetry :D
Of all the days, I can relate to this so freakin much today, which totally sucks.
                                    I am so glad I can always count on your poems to help me feel better when I am having a craptastic day.
This has to be the best poem among all that I've read here on Wattpad!! :D
I can tell that you put true feeling into this and not just wrote down words that had no meaning to you. I am so glad that I read this, it brings up memories and even though it hurts its good to know theres someone out there that feels the same.