My Life In Code

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Passport?  Check. 
    Book of maps to every country in the world?  Check. 
    The world's best treasure hunting dad and the most incredible stepmom?  Check.
    My amazing boyfriend Max who I hadn't seen in over five months?  Check!
    The new crazy guy who's after us?  Ugh, check. 
    And my new baby sister who will be here in just a few weeks?  Oh, my gosh, check!
    Call me, Callie Landon, crazy and I'd have to totally agree.  How could I not be when I lived with the people that I did?  Since Brielle was pregnant, we put our life of travel and treasure hunting on hold for just a little while.  But once Dad found another lost treasure that was just too good to pass up, we had to go.  
    The treasure?  It was the Nazi gold that was lost after World War II.  Today, it was worth almost forty billion dollars.  Yeah, that's billion with a B.  
    And since my baby sister was going to be popping out in just a few weeks, Max and I were going to be the ones doing most of the work.  Along with Max's best friends Ben and Drew, who were going to help us along the way, it was sure to be fun. 
    Especially when you've got another guy wanting the treasure and government agents on your tail. 
    It was going to be one crazy adventure.
    Then again, it always was in the world of treasure hunting.
    (Book 2 in the My Life Series)
Vince peters???!!!!! Omggg i read the other seiries before this one!! I didnt think the order is involved!!!!!
I finished the first one in less than 5 hours so super excited for this one
I would love this series to be like the hunger games and go onto being a movie!
CHRIS PINE YES i shall enjoy picturing him in my head LET THE BOOK COMMENCE
it has been about five minutes since I put down the first book. you have no idea how addictive your stories can be. I am seriously thankful I found you.
I really love for 2 more series.. U should publish it n make out a movie + plz plz plz dont end it plz just make out more sequels plzzzzzx i want at least 5 series plzz :D