[N] Nate River x Reader // Meeting You Again

[N] Nate River x Reader // Meeting You Again

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ʟᴇʏ vᴇʀɴoɴ By Selfless-Henjin Updated Jun 30

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You knew he looked familiar, but did not expect that he actually hadn't forgotten about you. Neither that he was going to be just as important to you as you were to him.

They say that one special person will either teach you a lesson, or will be willing to stay with you forever. Will someone choose your fate for you, or will you beat them at it?

Near x Reader ♡

Tikitoitoi Tikitoitoi Mar 18
The wound is back, and you just squirted it  with lemon juice and rubbed salt in bone deep.
VoidWrites VoidWrites 2 days ago
I instantly thought of ms.cheerilee (is that how you spell it?) From mlp. I feel like that would be something she would say if she saw that. And he voice is like perfect for it.
Oh, don't mind that sound. Its just the sound of the feels and my heart shattering ;-;
Pro tip: use the dashes right here—as in these things—for a better effect and easier reading
iHaveNoLifu iHaveNoLifu Jun 05
that's love, sweetie ( aka me and the other fangirls like me)
This was the first Near x reader I've read...this is so special to me...