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The Sweetie and The Prankster (George Weasley love story)

The Sweetie and The Prankster (George Weasley love story)

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Sweettophat_bro By Sweettophat_bro Completed

Mia is a shy, sweet girl with a terrible past what will happen when she meets a guy that loves to prank and isn't shy one bit and an old past comes back to haunt her?

Did she not go to olivanders? Does she not even know so much as to what a wand is either? Even a muggleborn would know!
I feel more shy when I'm around family members I haven't met or don't remember.  I also get shy when I go to a new school. But most of the time, THIS HUFFLEPUFF CRAYCRAY
HP_fangirl HP_fangirl Feb 27
My uncle has the name Darius! Ive never seen it used other than our family, how did you think of the name?
nerdoftheinternet nerdoftheinternet Nov 21, 2016
Getting boyfriends or girlfriends wasn't even something I thought about at 12.XD
Sweettophat_bro Sweettophat_bro Nov 21, 2016
No, I just realized though that that's a villains last name haha that would be cool though kinda wish I thought of that now
Sweettophat_bro Sweettophat_bro Nov 21, 2016
So to clear this chapter up question: are Mia and George bf and gf in the beginning? Answer: no, they were best friends in their childhood and slowly grew apart because of Mia's dad (probably should of put that in the story) I'll be going through the book to clear any miscommunication:)