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N.A. Carson By varzanic Completed

Fin has a secret; one that can not be shared.

He has an undying love for fire. He craves the heat and only feels at peace when he's engulfed in flames. His skin never blisters or shows the slightest sign of discomfort when he sneaks off into the woods to feed his addiction. 

It's only when the cold sets in that he feel an aching pain in his chest. Fin can't let anyone find out. Others, who were different like himself, have been burned alive when they were discovered. 
A small part of him wants them to, just so he can know what it's like to be surrounded by fire.

--Elemental Series--(Fire: book 1) 
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RejectedKing RejectedKing Dec 01, 2017
This book has everything I could ever want in a book. Magic, Gods, dragons and of course Boyxboy. U can't wait to reread this masterpiece 😭😭
1amimefreak 1amimefreak Jan 01
Why does this sound like what my class mates would say to me ? 😂😂
IzzyFireHeart IzzyFireHeart Nov 24, 2017
                              Fire Fire Fire Fire
                              When I wake up in my room nan mwotdo eoptji
                              haega jigo nan hu biteuldaemyeo geotji
                              da mansinchangiro chwihaesseo chwihaesseo
                              mak yokhae gireseo gireseo
                              na masi gatji michinnom gatji
                              da eongmangjinchang, livin’ like ppi-i-
wildncrazy45 wildncrazy45 Dec 11, 2017
It's such a great story. Got me hooked like a carp 😄😄😄
xear213 xear213 Nov 30, 2017
All these people getting triggered over Fin just getting a smack should see Asian parents....
TheChill_Pixel TheChill_Pixel Dec 07, 2017
Y’all should search up “skin walker” 😭 don’t it’s scary