To The Moon & Back (OHSHC Kaoru Love Story)

To The Moon & Back (OHSHC Kaoru Love Story)

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❦ Tae's Wife ❦ By Luca-senpai Completed

"I WILL love you to the moon and back... to infinity and beyond."
There are only two ways to live your life. One is as though nothing is a miracle. The other is as though everything is a miracle.

A two faced commoner, poorer than most, with long rainbow hair and a big dream.                                                      

A handsome younger twin, lonely, rich and bored...
Takes interest in the new girl with the colourful hair, kind heart and big ambitions.

What happens when she shows him a different side of the world, a deeper side, hidden in the shadows but brighter.... A different perspective of everything... 

 "Some infinities are bigger than other infinities." - John Green, The Fault in Our Stars

DISCLAIMER : None of the pictures in this book are mine. I just edited the title onto the cover image. Please inform me (with proof) if any of the drawings are yours and I will credit you :)

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ShadowUzumoNaruto ShadowUzumoNaruto Aug 28, 2017
Hi my names Levi and I like to 'Tch at people for no reason! 
animetemmiegirl animetemmiegirl Aug 10, 2017
                              (Anyone who gets this will get a follow of awesomeness)
BestBakasEver707 BestBakasEver707 Aug 29, 2017
at first i was like who tf is this miya everyone was freaking out I had to go back and read Two Souls first to understand and IM SO THANKFUL OMG YAYYY
AlexCrAzyGirl AlexCrAzyGirl Sep 16, 2017
Now I could be wrong but could this possibly be the beginnings of love?
Blazer_Heata Blazer_Heata Sep 21, 2017
Welp.  I gotta go read another book a guess.  *sigh* so i know who tis person is...
Magic_in_the_Sea Magic_in_the_Sea Aug 10, 2017
Curse you making me read another book to find out about this character! *says like old man* (also shakes fiat like old man)