Anime travels

Anime travels

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italypasta101 By italypasta101 Updated Jul 25, 2015

Hope you guys like it :-)

..........................Akira POV........................

I woke up to go to school. Another lame day of school. I got up and got dressed. I was wearing a cute green and blue shirt with some jeans. I was 5"6 with blood red hair and blue eyes. After I got ready I went to school. I meet with my best friend Akito. Akito has black hair red eyes. Medium length hair. Sometimes it makes us wounder why we're friends. "Hey Akito. What's wrong?" I asks. I noticed her mood. I started to get scared.

Akito looks at me. "Hi Akira. Nothing is wrong. Why do you always ask me?

I looked at Akito "Because..... you look mad..." Akito rolled her eyes at me. We walked into class. 


"Hey Akito, what are you doing later to day?" I asked. 

"Nothing. Now quit bothering me, I have things to do." Akito answered. I gave her a puppy face. Her face was serious.

"Fine, I thought you wanted to watch anime with me but I guess I will watch it all by myself then."