Little Stutter

Little Stutter

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"I-I'll miss y-you."  I admitted sadly feeling as if I was going to burst into tears any second now.

"I'll miss you too.  But don't worry it's only a week and then I'll take you too the park."  He smiled warmly at me and I smiled back.  I set the cookies down on the ground before lunging myself at him again, this time he caught me and hugged me back.  Once we pulled apart I felt something press against my forehead.  I blushed realizing that he kissed my forehead.  

"Goodbye Jess."

oxala_ oxala_ Jul 19
Good beginning!  Definitely pushes me to the next chapter.  Too bad it is unedited.
psychic_c psychic_c Feb 22, 2015
five foot five is tall in my book. I'm five foot one... I'm short... oh welll