The New Girl in School

The New Girl in School

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Saku-chan:3 By Akatsukilove Updated Jul 14, 2016

She was walking along the side walk looking up at the sky. 'Why, why me?' She thought. She started to look ahead of her and sighed taking out her phone and looking at the time, "Shit! I'm going to be late!" She put away her phone and started to run.

She made it to her school in time, she started to walk to the front doors but she kept looking at the trees and sky, 'So peaceful.' She got to the front doors and walked into the hall way and went to the office. "Hello. I'm a new transfer student and was told to come see the principal." She said looking at the secretary. The secretary looked up and smiled.

"Right this way." She got up and walked to a door that said, "Principal" She knocked and heard a woman say, "Come in."

The secretary opened the door and let the girl in and then closed the door.

The principal looked up and smiled, "Hello Haruno Sakura. Nice to see you."

"Hello." Sakura said walking forward and sitting down in a seat.

"Well no time to waste. Shizou will you come here...

CheezitsChrusttttt CheezitsChrusttttt Jul 11, 2016
Karin. Sashays out of the room like Mackenzie Hollister. From Dork Diaries.
                              (don't care if I wrote her name wrong :P)
DJ_Potato DJ_Potato Nov 03, 2015
Umm.. just, fighting? Do they have like taekwondo or something like bc 'fighting' doesnt sound really convincing 😅
kanshi-chan kanshi-chan Jul 01, 2014 I LOVE THIS❤❤❤❤❤❤❤-insert fangirl squeal-