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Take Me As I am

Take Me As I am

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A'Shantii The Gawd By shantii14__ Updated Jan 13


You always hear of the good girl falling for the dope dealer bad boy..Just not this time.

Mula was a WILDCARD. Raising herself had took a large turn on her. She had an I don't give a fuck attitude, she does what she wants whenever she wants to..and isn't afriad to admit that she is THAT bitch. Her excuse is that she's young and in highschool..and grown...Will that forever kept Mula on the crazy path she's going down?

Da'Shuan was a rich boy. All the way from California and now attending Moore's ghetto highschool..he still hasn't found a way to fit in.  Now half way through his senior year he's finally ready to stop hiding behind that multimillion dollar house and 100 thousand car he drives...but isn't sure how to become ' normal ' like his outspoken peers around him. He had the looks...he just didn't have the heart and personality...How long will it take for the shy guy to finally stop being shy?

When Mula and Shaun cross paths both of their lives take a dramatic turn and neither of them is sure how they want to take it.

" I don't give a fuck what anybody thinks...Take me as I am..or leave me the fuck alone! " She yells looking into the bright greenish hazel eyes of his..He said nothing and turned walking away from her.

Please..just...Take me as I am.


Birthday12 Birthday12 Mar 01
Ugh I'm reading this in class and trying not to scream out loud .😂😂😭
UrbansLegend UrbansLegend Dec 19, 2016
All these weed heads in the comments yall betta be grown as hell
UrbansLegend UrbansLegend Dec 19, 2016
20 years old still in high school 😂 reminds me of that dude from ATL
Hazel_overRated Hazel_overRated Dec 22, 2016
That awkward moment when you can't relate because you've never smoked weed 😂
She can b in my squad she sound trill af I only bang wit ppl that keep it 100💯
xDaGoat xDaGoat Sep 06, 2016
Iky dad. He been in my life since I was born. He just past away almost 3 years ago